Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moderator Post: Announcement

We had been waiting for an official word from Voltage Pictures for more details on what is happening with 'Cali' to make a decision on this fan-site.

We did start this fan-site for 'Cali' ultimately because we're fans of Kristen Stewart & wanted to support her in this project. 

Therefore, without her involvement in this project we have decided that we will not be continuing with this fan-site.

We will continue to love and support Kristen and hope to bring you another fan-site in the future for one of her projects as we have no doubt that she will have a long successful career.

We wish all involved with the production of 'Cali' good luck, if it is still in some stage of production.

If anyone would like to continue with the fan-site please contact us via email (details on our 'Contact Us' page) and we can organise to hand it over to you.

Thank you to all who have supported Kristen and 'Cali' and our fan-site. We did love bringing you all the updates on this project.

The Moderators from the Cali Movie Fan Site

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Prod Weekly: 'Cali' now starting production in October


STATUS: October 2012
LOCATION: Los Angeles
PRODUCER: Craig J. Flores - Zev Foreman - Brian Levy
DIRECTOR: Nick Cassavetes LP: Patty Long
WRITER: Michael Diliberti
CAST: Alex Pettyfer - Amber Heard 

NEW SCHOOL MEDIA  The story follows Mya (Stewart) and Chris, a pair of San Fernando Valley lovebirds with a penchant for bad choices and dangerous behavior. After selling a fake snuff film featuring Mya, they ride off into the sunset with a bundle of cash. Years later, Mya must "return from the dead" to save the younger sister she left behind in Cali, where the young couple contends with angry former business partners, homicidal porn stars, stoner vet techs, an unstoppable killing machine in a cowboy hat and their own contentious relationship.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kristen Stewart drops out of "Cali"

Source @Variety_JLD

Source @TheInSneider

First notice came via GossipCop 

Kristen Stewart is dropping out of the upcoming movie Cali, a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

We’ve reached out for a comment from the actress’ camp, but have not heard back.

Gossip Cop is told that Amber Heard has been asked to join the cast, although it’s not confirmed whether she’d be taking the part.

Heard’s rep would not comment.

The film, with Alex Pettyfer set to play the male lead, will be directed by Nick Cassavetes and revolves around lovers who sell a fake snuff film and run away, only to return to Los Angeles years later to rescue the woman’s younger sister from bad guys.

We’re checking to confirm whether Stewart, reportedly a producer on the film, is still involved in that capacity.

Gossip Cop also reached out to Voltage Productions, the company behind Cali.

Voltage declined to confirm Stewart’s status, but oddly noted that an announcement would be made soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kristen mentions 'Cali' in One Magazine (France)

Why did you decide to play a porn actress in your next film?

Because the script was totally crazy ! I've always been attracted to strange things. Nick Cassavetes asked me to play in Cali and to play the role of a girl not so pure that will nonetheless try eerything in order to save her kid sister kidnapped by criminals. I'm training with a coach right now getting myself ready for the shooting. I'm going to dye my hair blonde and physically shape myself as a sexy porn star. The script is really extreme but i love to read something where identify myself as a character so different than me.

For all the magazine scans and to read the full interview, visit itsoktobeyou  

Thank you so much for the scans and translation @Itsoktobeyouorg :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Get to know Alex Pettyfer (Part 2)

Check out some clips of Alex in his previous movies:

I Am Number Four

Side note: Timothy Olyphant in this scene with Alex starred with Kristen in "The Safety of Objects" in 2001.


Magic Mike

One more....

"Magic Mike" might still be in a theatre near you, so check your local theatres. :)

Find Part 1 here - the above movies' trailers & a short bio on Alex.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Get to know Alex Pettyfer (Part 1)

Still from Magic Mike
Alexander Pettyfer was born on 10 April 1990 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England.

Alex was born in Hertfordshire and raised in Windsor. His mother, Lee, is an interior designer. His father, Richard Pettyfer, is a fellow actor. His parents divorced and Alex now has a younger half-brother, James, from his mother's re-marriage to a property developer, Michael Ireland. James is a junior tennis player.

At age 7, Alex started modeling for Gap's children range. He also appeared in TV commercials for other brands. When he was older, he modeled for Burberry to fund his traveling adventures.

Alex attended various private schools. During this time, he enjoyed performing in school plays. At age 13, he auditioned and won a role in the TV movie Tom Brown's Schooldays (2005) (TV). At age 15, he went to Los Angeles and was cast as "Alex Rider", the main character in Stormbreaker (2006) (aka "Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker"). This was his breakthrough role and he was nominated for a Young Artist Award and an Empire Award for this role.

Trailers of some of Alex's music recent movies:

In Time, as Fortis

Beastly, as Kyle Kingson

I Am Number Four, as John Smith

Magic Mike, as Adam

For more details on Alex visit IMDB

We will do a few more of these 'getting to know Alex Pettyfer' posts as time goes on.

So what do you think of Alex as Chris?